PH3 Wedding Card Exhibition

Results Announcement of the PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition
June 10, 2019
PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition Finals
July 4, 2019

PH3 Wedding Card Exhibition

囍帖 (Xi Tie) is an invitation card printed by couples who would like to announce they will get married very soon to the families and friends. Xi Tie has been in China for a long time. Most of the design format are in straight and horizontal forms, and the colors are mostly in red and gold. When the couples have engaged, they will send this wedding invitation letter to inform their families and friends to join their wedding ceremony. The date of the marriage and the ceremony, the time of the wedding reception, the names of the parents of both parties, etc. will be printed on the invitation card.

Modern Xi Tie’s have slowly escaped the traditional style of red and gold designs. Many innovative elements such as different texts and photos, materials, and carving techniques have been added. These kind of new elements make the invitees feel more delighted and refreshed.

In order to encourage young people to innovate and understand the marriage culture, PH3 and the URA held the PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition from April to June 2019. A total of 165 entries from the school group and the open group were received. After professional assessment, 14 works were selected by the judges to enter the finals. These works will be exhibited at PH3 from 1 July to 31 August for public viewing. Designers used different creative production placards, including the use of very fine crafts such as collage, engraving and paper-cutting. Interested parties should not miss this exhibition!

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