Results Announcement of the PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition

April 24, 2019
PH3 Wedding Card Exhibition
June 25, 2019

Results Announcement of the PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition

 Results Announcement of the PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition

The first round of“PH3 Wedding Card Design Competition” was held from April to May 2019.  After professional assessment by the Judging Panel, the top 14 winners have been selected out of the 165 entries.  Entries were received from various institutions and open groups.  8 winners were selected from the school group, and 6 winners were selected from the open group.  The Judging Panel graded the design using the following criteria: creativity and originality (40%), usability (20%), overall design and artistic creation (20%) and theme expression (20%). Congratulations to all the top 14 winners!


School Group

Name: 鍾卓霖

School Name: 南亞路德會沐恩中學

Name: 程譯嫻

School Name: 南亞路德會沐恩中學

Name: 邢琬峰

School Name: 東華三院李嘉誠中學


Name: 陳曾雯

School Name: 香港教師會李興貴中學

Name: 任碧韻

School Name: 金巴崙長老會耀道中學

Name: 吳雅茵

School Name: 金巴崙長老會耀道中學

Name: 黃莘予

School Name: 可立中學

Name: 鄭梓沛

School Name: 東華三院王余潔紀念小學


Open Group

Name: 王敏

Name: 許雅詩

Name: 范曉晴

Name: Lee Kit Ying

Name: Kwok Wing Ki

Name: 譚慧儀



Photo of Judge


Four judges from the Judging Panel, including Mr. Kenneth LEE, Head of Youth Business, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups; Mr. Patrick CHAN, Lecturer, School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The HK PolyU; Ms. Stephanie TANG, Assistant Manager (P&L), The Urban Renewal Authority; and Ms. Demi CHENG, Hong Kong Designer attended the first round assessment on 6 June 2019.

The finale will be held on 30 June 2019 at PH3.  The top 14 candidates will have an opportunity to present their ideas behind their design to the judging panel during the session.  The final winners will get an opportunity to exhibit his or her artwork from 1 July to 31 Aug 2019 at PH3.

There will also be a “Best Popularity Award”, which will be selected by online voting.  Please visit our PH3 Instagram account, @ph3_hkfyg and vote NOW!

For enquiries, please call: (852) 5933 6323

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