Terms and Conditions

PH3 Membership Programme is operated by Youth Social Enterprise Unit of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (“HKFYG YSE”) and is governed by the following Terms and Conditions. By applying for PH3 membership, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions herein.

1. Membership Application
1.1 People who are eligible to apply PH3 Membership includes
1.1.1 Hong Kong Residents aged 18 or above, and agree to adhere to the constitution of PH3
1.1.2 HKFYG Members or Friends of HKFYG
1.2 Only one application should be submitted by each applicant. Repeated applications will not be accepted.
1.3 Applicants are required to provide us with their true, complete and accurate personal information.
1.4 HKFYG YSE will verify member information upon submission of application form at PH3 or online. Applicants must present his/her Hong Kong Identity Card or HKFYG Membership Card for verification. Successful applicant will be given one electronic membership card through email.

2. Membership Usage, Validity and Member Discount
2.1 Any exercise of membership rights and any members-related transactions including club house transaction, usage of PH3 facilities, venue rental, member discount, purchase and loyalty point accumulation and refund and so on must be made with a membership card for the record purpose.
2.2 Members should be responsible for the maintenance and use of their membership cards. HKFYG YSE is not responsible for any loss incurred from stolen of membership card.
2.3 PH3 Membership is valid for one year. Member with accumulated net spending of HK$10,000 within the membership effective period, his / her membership will be automatically renewed for one year. (Effective period means the 12 months following the membership effective date. If the effective date is 1 September, the expiry date will be 31 August the following year.)
2.4 All membership accumulative purchase record will automatically reset to zero towards the end of effective period.
2.5 Members can check their purchase and loyalty points record, as well as member rewards upon visiting PH3 onsite.
2.6 PH3 will update and improve the services and offers from time to time. Members can check the membership site for latest terms and/or announcements. E-newsletter of PH3 services and promotions will be sent to members via email.
2.7 Venue facilities and rental services are opened for members only. Members are welcome to bring guest(s) when using PH3.
2.8 Members are welcome to join the event(s) organised by PH3.
2.9 Members can enjoy birthday discount.
2.10 The details, prices and availability of all offers are subject to the latest updates from PH3.

3. Member’s Responsibilities
3.1 Members are responsible to updates his/her registered information to maintain a true, complete and accurate profile.
3.2 The membership is non-transferrable. If abuse or misuse is found, HKFYG YSE reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership.

4. Change of Record
4.1 Please report to PH3 (Tel: 5933 6323) or visit PH3 for changes of personal particulars, such as email address and contact number.

5. Membership Termination
5.1 The membership will be revoked if the applicant is found not eligible for registration.
5.2 PH3 Full members are required to pay an annual membership fee to continue the use of PH3 services. If not, PH3 shall terminate the membership and members no longer enjoy any members’ benefits.
5.3 PH3 HKFYG members are required to make a purchase at PH3 to continue the membership. If no purchase were made over 12 months, PH3 shall terminate the membership and members no longer enjoy any members’ benefits.
5.4 If Member provides wrong, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information or if PH3 has reason to suspect the accuracy of information, PH3 has the right to suspend or terminate the Membership without notice or incurring any liability towards Member or any persons.
5.5 Violation of rules of PH3 or failure to comply with any terms and conditions set forth above shall be deemed as a breach of agreement. PH3 reserves the right to suspend or drop off the membership and rights of any members.

6. General
6.1 HKFYG YSE is not responsible for any case of undelivered email messages.
6.2HKFYG YSE is not responsible for any loss of purchase and loyalty points record due to technological or system problems.
6.3 HKFYG YSE reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice
6.4 Should there be any dispute, HKFYG YSE reserves the right of final decision.
6.5 In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.