Venue Hire Regulations

Venue Hire Regulations

1.The rates shown are accurate at the time of printing, with the hirer’s responsibility to check the latest rates with the PH3’s staff . Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

2.The hirer(s) should ensure that their activities in the premise of PH3 are as stated in the application form and comply with all legal requirements applicable to Hong Kong, including legislations regarding the safeguarding of national security or the Copyright Ordinance, etc.

3.The hirer(s) should exercise all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the stated capacity of the venue is duly observed.

4.The minimum hiring period is 2 hours. The hirer(s) must ensure that the use of the hired venue is confined to the hire period.

5.The hirer(s) should never publicize, promote, campaign, or advertise their function(s) by bearing the name of PH3 nor hinting any relations or connections with PH3 apart from the address of the hired venue(s).

6.The hirer(s) should only use the provided or rented equipment and facilities in the booked venue(s) and are responsible for reinstating the equipment and facilities to its original condition immediately after use. The hirer(s) should use such equipment and facilities in a careful and proper manner, while no alternations modifications, attachments and/or additions to the facilities and equipment are allowed.

7.The hirer(s) are liable for any loss or damage of the provided or rented equipment and facilities made by representatives, employees, agents or invitees of the hirer(s). The hirer’s should reimburse PH3 the total cost in relation to repairing or replacing the loss and damage of the provided or rented equipment and facilities.

8.The hirer(s) should include sufficient time for setting up and dismantling work at the booked venue(s) and all cleaning and removal of brought-in materials must be completed within the hiring period. PH3 and our staff will not accept delivery of goods and equipment on behalf of the hirer(s) and all the aforementioned items can only be delivered to the booked venue(s) and received by the hirer(s) during the hiring period.

9.The hirer(s) should not post materials on areas which may cause damages or stains to building fabrics including floor, wall, ceiling etc. The hirer(s) should reimburse PH3 of the total cost in relation to repairing or eliminating damages and stains caused by the hirer(s). The hirer(s) cannot stick any materials on the wall of the venue.

10.Any smoke, flame or explosion or device or substance causing smoke, flame or explosion to create effects; party cannon, confetti cannon and confetti shooter alike are prohibited for use in all rented venues and common areas of PH3.

11.The hirer(s) should remove their own property including decorative, promotional and packing materials from PH3 before departure. If any property or materials belonging to the hirer(s) is found in any area(s) of PH3 may remove or store the same in such manner as they consider necessary, and on demand, the hirer(s) should reimburse PH3 of the total cost incurred by such removal and storage.

12.The hirer(s) should bear the liability of having placed appropriate insurance to cover all eventualities during the use of the booked venue(s) including third parties liabilities etc.

13.The hirer(s), representatives, employees, agents or invitees of the hirer(s) must take care of their luggage and belongings by themselves. Please note that PH3 will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any items in the venue.

14.Smoking or any criminal offences are prohibited on the venue。